Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Grey

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser, Grey

“A nursery must-have, the simply styled 6 Drawer Dresser from Delta Children is crafted to coordinate with all of the brand’s cribs. Featuring slightly curved legs and easy-to-grasp knobs, its durable metal glide system with safety stops prevents drawers from falling out. All Delta Children dressers meet the requirements of ASTM F2057, the voluntary industry

“A nursery must-have, the simply styled 6 Drawer Dresser from Delta Children is crafted to coordinate with all of the brand’s cribs. Featuring slightly curved legs and easy-to-grasp knobs, its durable metal glide system with safety stops prevents drawers from falling out. All Delta Children dressers meet the requirements of ASTM F2057, the voluntary industry tip over standard for dressers. For your children’s safety, only purchase dressers that comply with this standard. For additional security, Delta strongly recommends that all dressers in your home be anchored; all Delta dressers include a wall anchor. To learn how to properly secure your dresser, please see the product assembly instructions or visit our website. “

I don’t know what I was expecting in this drawer. The numerous positive reviews had me thinking it was okay, but this is truly a remarkable piece. It’s build solid. Very, very solid. I can’t tell the difference in quality between this and the drawer I spent far more on in the furniture store. It’s also easy to put together. Granted, since I downsized, I’ve practically purchased and assembled all of my furniture from Amazon and other stores, so I have a bit of practice. However, the instructions are written well, and there’s even a Youtube video that you can reference if you really get stuck. I assembled this by myself. All-in-all, it took around an hour and a half (two if you could the breaks in between) with the most time consuming being all the little screws for the back. My hand was sore, but I am very happy with the product. It holds everything perfectly. The compact size fits my small room without making it look crowded. The drawers seem a bit on the short side, but makes up for it in vertical space. The look is stunning. My friends can’t believe this was an Amazon purchase. The only “downside” is that I think I broke the tiny UPS woman whom I helped lug it up my apartment stairs. Thank goodness it was only one flight, but we were both panting at the end of it.

Love, love, love this purchase! We bought this dresser for our daughter’s nursery. I don’t really have anything “negative” to say about it. The dresser came in a box that was 117 pounds (expected for a huge piece of furniture), so to get the dresser upstairs, we had to take the pieces out downstairs and carry them up separately. I honestly didn’t mind this at all, because it helped us to just leave all the trash downstairs and not have to worry about throwing it to the side when we were trying to put the dresser together upstairs. Once we began assembly, it took my husband and I about 2 hours to complete. The steps were pretty easy to follow. I’d say the only difficult part, which I also read about in other reviews, was the back panel of the dresser. The instructions warn you not to use a power drill, but it really is necessary. After I tried manually screwing in the screws (which do not all have pre-drilled hole markers), I threw in the towel, and my husband got the drill out. He just made sure to be gentle with it, so as to not split the wood. That was really the only “hard” part, and even that wasn’t bad. Once we got it assembled, I actually replaced the drawer knobs, which I thought were pretty hideous, with matching hardware that I used for a nightstand in the nursery. Having the matching hardware really brought the room together and made it look nice. The dresser is really sturdy! I am so glad that we made this purchase and would recommend to others. I really think our daughter, and/or other future children will get lots of good use out of this dresser!

I bought this dresser to match the Delta Cherry Espresso crib that I had also purchased. They look great together as a set and I am super happy with my purchase. This dresser was easy to assemble and is very sturdy.


Easy to assemble (took about an hour and a half total), but the directions were very clear and made the process pretty hassle free. All of the different pieces (screws, nuts, bolts, etc) were labeled very well. I did, however, use an electric drill to assemble, and the directions specifically said not to. My drill has a torque limiter on it so I just set it very low and I didn’t have any issues.

Beautiful color matched the crib I purchased and the changing table accessory I put on top (as pictured) ( I purchased separately).

Sturdy, high quality wood. I don’t worry about my daughter tipping this over on herself, although it can be secured to the wall.

The height is just perfect for a changing table. I have saved my back a lot of strain by being able to use this as a changing table. Once my daughter outgrows the need, I will be able to take the attachment on the top off and use it for other purposes.

The price was great!


The drawers do not pull all the way out. They stop about 3 inches short which makes it difficult to access the back of the drawer.

As other reviewers have stated, it does have a chemical odor to it. I found this went away pretty quickly after assembly. I would not have described this odor as overwhelming by any means. But, as I stated, it went away pretty quickly.

The only “difficult” part of assembly was the back panel. I needed an electric screwdriver, as there were no pre-drilled holes. My husband just went slow and was careful so it ended up not being an issue for us.

It scratches very easy. There are a few gouges on the top that I have no idea where they came from.

Overall, we really love this dresser. We have gotten a lot of compliment on how nice our entire nursery set looks. We would definitely purchase a similar set for our next child!

We are very happy with our purchase. This dresser is a solid, sturdy piece of furniture. I ordered the cherry espresso, and I was a little worried that it might be too red to match my toddler’s dark wood crib, but the color is beautiful and they coordinate very nicely. I was also nervous about the “chemical smell” that a few people mentioned in their reviews. So I made sure to order this early, giving myself enough time to let the pieces air out in the garage or spray them with a sealant like mentioned in one of the reviews. But when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that the “awful smell” people referred to was actually just the smell of the wood varnish. Since my dad has done a bit of woodworking in his day, I don’t find this smell appalling at all. One review mentioned the smell of formaldehyde. The dresser does have a varnish smell, but we saw no evidence of glued pieces (which is often where the formaldehyde is found).

The drawers are particle/press board, but all single, interlocking pieces. Further, just one week after assembly and the varnish scent is all but gone. Please note that the box the dresser comes in is VERY heavy. Do not plan to move it yourself. Even if I weren’t 8 months pregnant, my husband and I would not have attempted to move it with just the two of us. Instead, we took the advice of another reviewer by opening the box down stairs and carrying stacks of pieces upstairs for assembly. The assembly was surprisingly easy for the number of pieces there were. While it could potentially be done with one person, it went much faster and more smoothly with two of us, and took less than 1.5 hours. Honestly, my only concern with this dresser is that the drawers are very easy (too easy) for my toddler to open. I foresee clothes being strewn about her room daily because of how much she enjoys opening and closing the drawers!

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