Quick Lock Smart Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation

Quick Lock Smart Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation

So we’ve had this frame for about 6 months now and for the price I’d definitely give this 5 stars but let me list some pros and cons;Pros- It’s the height of a regular bed, not one of those super short platforms you see in this price range.- It supports our king size memory foam

So we’ve had this frame for about 6 months now and for the price I’d definitely give this 5 stars but let me list some pros and cons;Pros- It’s the height of a regular bed, not one of those super short platforms you see in this price range.- It supports our king size memory foam mattress really well.- There is a ton of under the bed storage space.- It was super easy to put together.Cons- While the adhesive strip does keep the mattress and sheets in place nicely, it also makes it impossible to turn or flip the mattress.- After a few months of use, this thing is SQUEAKY. I mean, real squeaky, hilariously squeaky even.- You really gotta tighten everything up or it’s pretty wobbly too.
I wasn’t expecting much and appreciate the simplicity of the frame. It was easy to put together by myself and holds my memory foam mattress on it easily without bending anywhere and I didn’t take the tape off the nonslip grip things. I got the 14inch and its the perfect for sliding storage and is about as high as my frame, box spring, mattress set I was using before. My only complaint is not all the feet of the bed had plastic on them to protect the floor from scratches. I bought some furniture sliders and put them under it and its great. My mom is buying the same bed and frame 🙂
Stylish. Easy to put together and all pieces (along with a nifty tool) were included in the package. Only concern is the slats are very narrow and if you sit on the end of your bed (depending on the mattress) to put your shoes on or something, the mattress tends to push between the individual slats.
So far so good! We like it. It was easy to put together. There’s plenty of room underneath for storing stuff or in my case, a hiding place for the animals. Definitely heavy duty and we’re not worried about it collasping under us.
I love this bed frame it was so easy to put together it’s very stable makes no noise im 130 pounds and my husband is over 200 my 6 year old son jumps on it we have had it for over a month now and it’s still like the day we bought it and looks amazing if I ever need another one I would 100% buy again.
Nice looking and sturdy frame. It doesn’t squeak so far and was really easy to put together. It came with some sort of holding tape, which helps keep my mattress from sliding around. Overall, very nice frame.The box it came in was slightly damaged, but no damage to the product.
Super easy to put together and doesn’t make any noise. Great platform with lots of room to put things under the bed. Bought this for and a new gel and memory foam matress for my daughter and she loves it. Perfect for what we we’re looking for.
I’m still trying this out as it only arrived last night, but if anything major happens I will update it.This product is amazing so far! It’s really easy to put together and very sturdy. A major pro for me is that no matter how much my doggy roommate (German shephrador) and I move around, the metal is completely silent. No squeaks or clangs, just silent.It doesn’t need a box spring due to the metal slats, 4 of which come with ‘non-slip’ tape to help encourage the mattress to stay in place. The 14 inch frame is perfect for a smaller room as I finally have a place to neatly tuck away all of my various suitcases
I bought this with the intention of using it in my new apartment for 6 months until I could afford a better one. SO WRONG! This bed frame is SUPER sturdy and doesn’t squeek, rock, or budge at all! I literally jumped up and down on it to test it and I am a solid 200 lbs. It was also crazy easy to put together and came with a ratcheted hex wrench instead of just the normal L” shaped one that let me put it together in about 15 minutes. 6/5 stars
I was a little bit nervous purchasing this bed frame after looking at the reviews and seeing some of the bad ones. I am a college student so I was looking for something simple and cheap and this is both. The package came shortly after I ordered it. The tools needed came in a nice package rather than a bag and there were three cute little thank you cards that came with it too (for you to send out to somebody). he frame was SUPER easy to put together, it took my sister and I about 20 minutes. it has a noise proof lining on the middle support bar and sticky tape on the slates to keep the mattress still. The frame looks very nice and is sturdy. I recommend this frame (10/10)I purchased the full size.
I love this frame! It was super easy to put together (I did it by myself) and the sticky tabs on the bars keep my mattress from moving which was a big problem with my old bed. It feels really sturdy and is the perfect height. Also the company sent a ratchet to help put it together which made is a lot easier. I have had it for a couple of weeks and love it
I don’t usually write a lot of reviews (you could tell in my post history) but wow. This is exactly what I needed for my bed. I bought a new bed recently that didn’t need a box spring but was worried about a platform bed frame that wouldn’t be stable but I didn’t want to pay an absurd amount. To simply put how great this frame is: it’s easy to put together, it feels absolutely sturdy, it doesn’t sink my bed in any funny spots, and they have “non slip tape and grips” on top so your bed seriously makes no weird noises. I was nervous at first because it isn’t expensive but dang! Seriously stop looking for a different platform, this is awesome!!
So far so good I ended up assembling it myself while my husband was at work … great quality, very easy to put together but feels sturdy … waiting for mattress to arrive so haven’t slept on it to see how it holds weight but so far so good
i love this frame. the only draw back is the corners really hurt when your knee hits in in the middle of the night or even during the day it was very easy to put together and it is decently sturdy.
I’m so excited about this bed frame. It was SO easy to put together (took me less than an hr). Its sturdy, and will be easy to take apart and move in the future. I love it! I’ve had wooden slats break on me and I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Highly recommend.

Love it! So easy to put it together & only took 10ish minutes with just me assembling it. Super sturdy, I literally walked on it & I ain’t no slim sucka! The tool it came with worked wonderfully! BEST $60 I EVER SPENT! No joke! It did say prime shipping but still took a week & a half to arrive. Putting it together & seeing how strong it is… Worth it!
I love the look! Also, it was really easy to put together, came with extra screws, and a really convenient ratchet. I put it together by myself and it only took about 15 minutes.

This company is one I am in love with. They sent cute little cards with it, it was easy to put together, the instructions were in English and easy to configure. Seems so dutiable I’m certain I won’t have to buy another which is a shame because it was really exciting to get it and unbox it. Would recommend this to my grandmother.
arrived on time and was not damaged at all – packaged securely. easy to put together and does not move when you get into bed. looks good and offers plenty of support. had to move it out from the wall today to hang up headboard on wall; my son and i lifted it easily with the mattress still on top. i would buy another one of these. dogs like it since they can hide underneath, haha.

The S.O. and I have loved it so far. Great height, lightweight but seems strong, decent price, easy to put together, and doesn’t really squeak. Great for my apartment.
Much sturdier than others. Extremely easy to put together. Comes with an awesome little tool to make it go much faster than just using a typical Alan key
This stand was very easy to put together and even comes with a really useful allen wrench tool. The frame is very light yet sturdy. Instructions were clear and they even include extra bolts incase you misplace them. The only problem I see with it is that the longest beams don’t collapse. So the package is extremely long. At first I was hesitant to pay the price for this item however now that I have it, I think the pricing is very reasonable for the quality. Really surprising honestly.
Ordered this bedframe when rearranging rooms for a new little one & realized a queen box spring would not fit up the stairs. The bedframe came in a timely manner & no damage (like some people have mentioned). Super easy to put together & makes for the perfect guest bed. Over the last 5 weeks we’ve had it set up a few different people have stayed with us & all said they got a good night’s rest. However, at least two have got their toe on the middle bar though, so watch out. Overall very happy with the price & product.

I love this bed frame. It was so easy to put together and is so sleek and easy to move around. Best of all I can get rid of my old box springs. With my new mattress and this frame my old back has plenty of support. I highly recommend this frame.
I love my bed! This bed is stylish, sturdy, and a great purchase overall! It was easy to put together, and I, a 5’2 girl
Great frame, looks good and easy to put togetherOnly small complaint is the middle support legs come loose pretty easy if you shake it around a lot but I will say the wife & I put it under harsh testing.
Super easy to put together, did it all my myself in about 30 minutes. Its sturdy and doesn’t budge. A convenient buy for college students on a budget!
Easy to put together, durable and stylish…and…lots of room under the frame too.
Bought two of these for my boys, age 7 and 9. They seem to be super sturdy. Easy to put together. Took about 10 mins each. Came with all the tools needed and extra parts. Would definitely buy from this company again.
So easy to put together. So sturdy. So innovative with the way they have the tools set up. So cheap but not cheap feeling. Its like Ikea meets Scandinavian Design. LOVE
We got the full size for our 3 year old son. He LOVES his big bed. Very sturdy frame and looks great! So happy we found! Super easy to put together. Had it together in about 15-20 minutes.
Great bed frame for the price, and easy to put together. It is sturdy and doesn’t make noise like my adjustable one.
Easy to put together. We didn’t need it to be pretty just needed something functional. Great price!
Fairly easy to put together and seems sturdy… the only thing I dislike is the bard at the end of the bed are oddly placed and I hit my toes on it constantly- simple fix with a pool noodle possibly

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