Sauder 414434 Pogo 3-Drawer Chest, L: 30.08″ x W: 19.37″ x H: 47.01″, Soft White finish

Sauder 414434 Pogo 3-Drawer Chest, L: 30.08″ x W: 19.37″ x H: 47.01″, Soft White finish

Looking to create some much needed storage for your child’s abundance of clothes and toys? Look no further! This 3-drawer chest from the Pogo collection is just what your child’s bedroom needs. It features three spacious storage drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners, providing you with convenient space to stow away items

Looking to create some much needed storage for your child’s abundance of clothes and toys? Look no further! This 3-drawer chest from the Pogo collection is just what your child’s bedroom needs. It features three spacious storage drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners, providing you with convenient space to stow away items like your child’s collection of shirts, assortment of shoes, all their favorite jammies and much more! It also features a large storage bin for easy to reach storage of items like puzzles, board games and stuffed animals too! It includes an ID label tag for easy labeling and organization of your child’s belongings. The top surface also provides you with room to store and display anything from books and toys to picture frames and home décor. It is detailed with whimsical curves and a solid wood knob to add an extra touch of fun to your child’s room. Finished in Soft White, this cute dresser is the solution to all your storage woes.

This is an AMAZING dresser! It took all of three hours of me putting it together (a 33 week pregnant woman!), who during a bout of insomnia, caught up on some DVR’d shows while getting this together. The directions were really well written, and despite the unboxing process to be a bit tedious (it is HEAVY), it was a cinch to assemble. The only funny thing I noticed, was the back panels (literally, the ones that are on the back of the dresser) aren’t clearly marked as to which way to put them. Mine ended up with the unfinished side in the front (only noticeable if you take out a drawer, or you look really well when the bottom toy storage is empty) but it’s not a problem, whatsoever. It is HUGE! My four year old can open all of the drawers, but can only easily get things in and out of the bottom drawer. He would need a stepstool to reach the middle drawer, and I doubt he could reach the top. My six year old, on the other hand, can easily access the middle and bottom drawers, but would need help getting to the top.

The drawers themselves are really deep, and can fit a LOT of clothing! That makes up for the unaccessability for my son, BUT when his first reaction to the storage at the bottom was, “Wook, Momma! A spot for my spaceships!” I think it’s a win, as it can grow with him. The drawers were a bit finiky to mess with (as you have to adjust them after you’re done assembling it) but, overall, I know we’ll be buying another one of these for my daughter! Thanks Sauder for making such a cute and functional dresser!

I absolutely love this chest. It is a replacement for a cheap tall chest that we had for about 3 years before it became totally unusable, and it just reinforces how good Sauder has become at making furniture that is sturdy and easy to put together.

While my old chest required drilling new holes for door glides and moderate woodworking skills to make all the pieces fit together correctly, this chest goes together in a snap and is sturdy and aligned without any adjustments needing to be made by the consumer.

This piece is also much heavier and sturdier than the other chest that I bought. While this makes it harder to move and topple, this also means that you absolutely NEED to anchor this furniture to the wall because it would cause serious injury if it falls over. I do not count this as a negative, however, since all tall chests should be anchored anyways.

My one complaint with this chest is that it does not have mid-drawer supports to keep the bottom of the drawers from breaking or popping out. This has not been a problem yet, but I have had problems with other chests that do not have the extra strip of wood reinforcing the drawer bottoms. This is countered by not having any drawers at a level where a toddler can climb into the drawers.

Being on a budget, we have ordered many “assembly on arrival” pieces. This dresser was ordered for a bedroom that is 50% baby boy nursery and 50% 2 year-old toddler princess sanctuary. The neutral white color worked well, and the bottom area for books and toys is a great storage solution. All the pieces were in good condition, no scratches or chips like these usually have. The piece was fairly easy to assemble, and went together very sturdy. Mind you, this isn’t a 500 dresser… it’s still MDF board held together by glue and screws. That being said, the assembly was smarter than others we’ve done. One of my irritations on these types of pieces is that usually after a bit of wear the drawer slides don’t line up and the drawers don’t slide in and out well. I don’t think that will be the case with this piece. The hardware for the drawer slides is made in a way that I can tell the drawers slide in and out smoothly and the wheel tracks engage with each other well – I think they will hold up.

Also, there is a screw adjustment that allows for a height re-alignment that I’ve never seen before – and it works like a charm. I’m not sure why there’s a little file-drawer looking label on it – maybe to put a kids name or item tag over the bin storage area? I’d rather it wasn’t there, but it doesn’t hurt anything. The measurements provided are accurate. The drawers are not very deep and it’s not real wide, but it was actually the perfect fit for the space we have. I like the little scalloped edge touches, it adds to it’s appeal. If I had one complaint it would be the drawer bottoms – they are the usual, thinner (almost bendable) type. I paid about slightly under one hundred fifty and no shipping – for the price I think it’s a good piece and I’m very happy with my purchase.

This was perfect for my son and daughter’s room. He is 2 she will be here any day now. The drawers are deep, the bottom toy box is super roomy! much bigger than I thought it would be. It took a while to put together and yes the quality is not great but for the price it does the job! You have to be super careful though because when we attached the bottom front panel (front of toy box) to the large side panels and pushed them together (because there was a huge gap) the wooden dowels popped and damaged the side panels pretty bad…. The reason why I give this a 5 star review is because of the amazing customer service. My husband and I were ready to send this back because of how easily it was damaged and it is a bit flimsy but then I spoke to their customer service and they were so nice and helpful. They are sending me the three panels for free and I don’t even have to return the damaged ones. They also gave me some tips as to how to line them up and avoid the same mistake. I am super impressed and thought it would be important to add this to the review. Make sure you call them directly because I believe if you go through Amazon it’s not quite as convenient and you may have to send the damaged parts and pay for shipping …. All in all I’m very happy with the purchase 🙂

Very impressed for the money. Very well packaged. All corners of the box have added protection plus the whole box is wrapped in plastic. It’s heavy and it does take a little while to put together but the instructions are very clear. Written far better than many things I’ve built. I’ll go as far as to say the instructions are the best I’ve come across for this type of product. If you mess something up building it the issue is you not the instructions. The only thing I could find wrong was some of the parts are not numbered. Not a big deal though, it was easy to figure out what part they were. Great price and made in USA. No it’s not solid wood but it is very solid and well made. For 125 bucks it’s a definite 5 star.

We ordered this furniture about 6 months ago, and it has held up incredibly well. It is beautifully made, and has a very clean and classic look to it. My husband was able to put this together on his own, and did not run into any issues. We have twin girls who were 5 at the time, and they are *very* active. I am so pleased that the pieces we bought (also the nightstand and the toybin/bookshelf piece) look just as new as when we first put them together. Also the bins at the bottom are great for making it easy and quick for the girls to clean up their room independently. There are even nice label holders above each if you want to be that organized. (we have our limits at our house lol) I would definitely recommend this product!!!

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