Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring, Twin

Zinus 5 Inch Low Profile Smart Box Spring, Twin

Time consuming, but easy to put together. All parts were labeled which made it even easier to assemble. I’m a female and put a king size together by myself. For people that complain about stupid things… i.e…. screw holes not lined up correctly, all it takes is a little bit of muscle🙄 I do recommend

Time consuming, but easy to put together. All parts were labeled which made it even easier to assemble. I’m a female and put a king size together by myself. For people that complain about stupid things… i.e…. screw holes not lined up correctly, all it takes is a little bit of muscle🙄 I do recommend this product and would buy again.
Brilliant. This thing is brilliant. It came in a skinny box and I didn’t think it would turn out well. I was wrong. It was easy to put together and the tools are included. It’s light. It is the perfect fit for my full Nectar mattress. It is quiet and stable. The cover goes on easily and makes it look like a traditional box spring. If you have a mattress for a platform bed or one of the nectar mattresses then this is the perfect base. I will buy another for upstairs.
I will never buy a traditional wood foundation again. Once I stared at the directions for a little bit and realized 1 of the pieces was just labeled with the wrong number, this was super easy to put together. This seems to be the best well made foundation I’ve ever used. The wood ones from the mattress stores/furniture stores are always creaky and you pay was more for them then have to pay for shipping on top of it. This fits perfectly on my daughters twin size bed with an 8 mattress on top (zinus green tea mattress). She’s not too high off the ground but not super low either.”
It was super easy to put together. I am a pretty weak woman, 😓 haha, and I also have really never assembled anything without the help of my father. I ordered this after moving into my first house. I was able to assemble this 100% alone! So easy, so light. And, after sleeping on it for 3 months, often with my boyfriend as well, it’s still quiet and has retained its condition. So far, I am very happy with it!
Bought two of these for my King mattress. They worked out great. I didn’t realize I had to put them togeth which was my fault for not reading it. It was very easy to put together and I had no issues at all. The cover went on easily. The low profile made it so the bed was not so high and gave great support for the mattress. I would definitely buy again.
This has to be the coolest invention yet! I don’t drive and so finding someone with a vehicle to take me around locally was just a hassle. But even then pricing boxsprings even at thrift stores they are priced about 150$ now. I was able to not only get this delivered right to me but save about 40$ in the process! It was so easy to put together too and it is much lighter to move around than traditional box springs. I was skeptical that it would take away comfort from the mattress (which by the way I got the Zinus mattress in a box delivered to me too), but it has not at all. It has actually made the bed feel less firm, as I had it just on my hardwood floors before.
This box spring is great and is very easy to put together. I was displease when I received it because I ordered what was listed as just a box spring and received a box spring/bedframe. Fortunately what you receive is a box spring plus some legs you can choose to attach, or not. If you don’t attach them, the unit functions exactly as a box spring. The only issue I’ve had with this is the cover. It was easier said than done to get on. It fit perfectly, it’s just somewhat awkward to get over the box spring based on the size of the opening. I found that standing the unit up on end made it much easier to put on. Trying to do it while the until was laying down was a nightmare.
I was so scepticle about buying a box spring that I would have to assemble, but I’m so happy with this purchase. It was worth the money! I never had a metal box spring but I love it! I love it because I think it will last forever! IV had the wood box spring fall apart over years. But this thing is solid. It was very easy to put together. I messed up though and had to take apart four of the pieces and redo them, I felt so silly because it was labeled up” but I still screwed them in upside down! It was a easy fix! I always read review before purchase
This is a great box spring the cover fits perfect and it was easy to put together. But instructuons are horrible. And nun of the pieced are labeled on the items. Not even the hardware. I strongly recommend a rubber malet since the end pieces fit but only if you tap them all the way into place. It helps to make it more stable and not squeeky but it’s near impossible to do with hands alone.
The box spring itself was good and easy to put together. It is the size I needed so I couldn’t see it in my bed frame. The cover looks nice.MORE IMPORTANTLY, it came with a ratcheting allen wrench which is the coolest thing ever. I have already had two people try to take it. The ratcheting allen wrench is a new prized possession!! I have used it on multiple other furniture assemblies already.
It was actually really easy to put together, I just wish I hadn’t put half of it together upside down (obviously had to take it apart and fix the mistake). Surprisingly heavy which is a good thing, means it’s sturdy. It raised the mattress up enough that I could get the bed rails installed on the kids bed.
I purchased this box spring to replace a standard 8” version that was just too tall for my new bed frame. The height is perfect! I was a bit hesitant to purchase after reading reviews about poor quality construction and bad directions. I didn’t experience any of this. In fact, I found it super easy to put together and I did it by myself. I followed a suggestion from another consumer and put the whole thing together on top of my bed. I started by opening up the canvas cover and building the box on top of it. This really saved me from a backache! I really liked the numbering system used in the instructions. Align the parts together where the numbers match and it’s a breeze. After replacing my original box with this one I was also pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is. I thought I’d hear squeaking but I haven’t. I couldn’t be happier with this box replacement!
I bought a new bed and thought since it was a platform bed I would not need a foundation for it. I was wrong because the memory foam mattress kept sinking in and causing uncomfortable rest. I needed a low platform foundation in order to keep the look of the bed and I settled in this one. The directions are not the most clear but once I figured it out, it was easy to put together. They send you all the tools you need and package the parts so you can instantly see if you have all the parts needed. It added the support and extra 5 inches needed and now the bed looks complete! Totally worth the purchase!
Getting older, bad knees, higher boxspring was getting difficult to get in and out of bed. Bought this boxspring to go with a new Nectar mattress and it is great. And because it’s metal, there are no creaking sounds! I never want another wooden boxspring. I put together by myself, was not difficult, but because of mobility issues, it was time-consuming.
Okay, so I didn’t read the description as thoroughly as I should have so I was in complete shock when I realized that it had to be put together. It took about 30 minutes, but it’s definitely worth the work. Very sturdy metal pieces, and comes with a cover that zips around it. I love that the cover is removable so I can wash it.
This steel box mattress base was absolutely perfect to fit our need. I have an antique bed frame the need a short height box base and the ability to strap the box spring to the frame. This was so easy to put together. Very well constructed. Very sturdy. We were able to use industrial strength Velcro to strap frame to antique bed frame. This worked perfectly. You can not even see the Velcro and it is very stable and sturdy. Love this box base. Thank you for an excellent product!
Took about an hour to put together all by myself which wasn’t bad. The cover was hard to get on but I assume that’s because they don’t want it to sag. It’s really light weight for a box spring and perfect for mattresses that are really tall.
I was a bit skeptical. I just didn’t know how I’d like having to put together a box spring.” It was an easy assembly though and I can’t get over how sturdy it is. It fits true to size and works perfect. Our frame and parts fit together w/out any trouble at all. I would totally buy this again.”
Super heavy duty. Fairly easy to put together, and it makes zero noise under our bed. No complaints and we saved over $100 compared to a box spring sold in stores. Winning.
Bought a platform bed and there weren’t enough slats for support but didn’t want to lose the clean look. This fixed both issues. Not bad to put together and works great
Product Shipped in perfect condition. My son put together who said instructions were not good but he was able figure it out easily enough. Looks great when completed and works as described, no issues …. worth it.
Easy to put together. My 11 year old did it with me. It took about 30 minutes but was easy. Very strong. Works perfect with our no spring latex mattress
This is very sturdy and easy to put together. I’m old and it took me longer than it would take others to assemble it and it tired me out, but that’s me and not the product. I recommed this.
its just perfect fit with easy instruction sheet make easy to put together only took me 10min to put together comes with all tools also that’s very good.
Wow. It took me like 20 minutes to put this together with my cats help…probably could’ve put it together faster if she would’ve been more helpful. Only negative so far…I wish the side parts would’ve been labeled. I could’ve shaved 5 minutes off if they would’ve been. But you don’t have to be an engineer to put together this sturdy bedframe. I’m excited about the zipper cover that I can wash if it gets dirty. Love the low profile. Awesome.
I’ll never buy a wooden box spring again. This box spring is great and the memory foam mattress is supported well. Took about 20 min to put together and install. I recommend using the video. The instructions are just pictures with no written direction. But it’s great and hopefully it’ll last a long time. Highly recommend
This is flat-out the neatest thing since sliced bread! So easy to put together and all the pieces fit perfectly. And it lowered my way to tall bed by almost 4 in so I can actually sit on it now. Frame seems to be very solid and so much better than the flimsy box spring I got rid of.
Its kind of a pain to put together, but it is well labeled and makes sense, just a bit time consuming, not what I expected. But is is the perfect lift we needed, very strong and durable
Really like the product. Wasn’t so easy to put together bc of a piece being slightly bent although I think that if two ppl were assembling even that would not have been a problem. I would recommend however, if you are able to get the bi-fold box spring in the size/depth that you want to go for that. I have one of those too. Bi-fold is amazing.
This is working out pretty cool. It made the mattress feel more firm than what it was, which I liked. It’s definitely more sturdy than a wooden box spring. I would definitely itely buy it again. It was easy to put together.
Great!! Easy to put together. I had no trouble with it. Im really impressed on how well it holds up. I have a king size one and its wonderful. I will be getting another one when my toddler grows out of his toddler bed!!
Great product! I was worried once I saw I had to put together, but it was super easy and it only took 10 minutes to put together by myself. We got this for our son. Great quality for a great price. Definitely would buy again if we need another one.
I’m not sure if some bad reviews received a defective version… If you can put together legos you can put this together. It comes with the tools to assemble. Instructions are easy to follow – numbered reference points on where to connect and what to connect to. Match the numbers on the bars together with the numbers in the instruction photo. The cover fits perfect no hassle. You have to fit it on correctly which the tag will tell you. I ordered this product December 2018. Hope this helps. Good luck!
This was an easy and quick solution to getting a new box spring when we got our new mattress. Easy to put together and incredibly sturdy, this was a great buy. Has stood up to the test over the past year, and is definitely a brand we will look at again.
Comes in a neat very narrow box, this is a metal box spring that you put together and add the topper over the frame to look just like the picture.. It’s very sturdy seems like it will hold up for many years. Will buy again to replace wooden box springs in guest room.
This was easy to put together. The instructions are like Ikea if you can understand those instructions, you’ll be fine. I really like this box spring, it makes our matters firm and we have a good night’s sleep. I would recommend this to any of my friends
Super easy to put together. Great quality materials. Comes with all the tools you need (including the cutest little wrench). Worked perfectly with our memory foam mattress and platform bed without making the bed toooooo high. I recommended to a friend who was in the market and she loves hers as well!
Our son moved from a bunk bed to a regular bed so we had a mattress, but not a box spring. I have to say I think this will last a LOT longer than a regular box spring will. It took my husband about 20 minutes to put together with our sons help. (Don’t know if that was a help or hinder?!) Many other reviews said the fabric was hard to put around, but we didn’t have that problem at all.
I was wondering what this would be like…used to the old wood ones. This was easy to put together, the cover goes on well. Looks and acts like a box spring. Will be easy to move in the future if needed, just disassemble it!!
Easy to put together. Have also purchased 2 more since
Super easy to put together, took maybe 15 minutes. Seems sturdy, no creaking so far. Fits perfectly with our frame and mattress…I would double check your own bed measurements just to be sure, since some other said it was a little small for theirs.
Easy to put together. Just the right amount of lift!
pretty easy to put together. all pieces were letter. direction were not easy to follow, so go by the diagram instead
Very sturdy, easy to put together, and about half the height of a traditional box spring, I would definitely buy this again, or recommend it
This product was easy to put together and it daved me having to get abox spring delivered. What a great concept.
This is a great box spring to replace my old wooden squeaky box spring! Easy to put together, I probably put it all together in 45 minutes. It is very low profile which i’m still trying to get use to coming from a non low profile box spring, other than that this is a great buy!!
The easiest assembly I have ever experienced. No need for the instructions its common sense. This took me 10 mins to put together and is a nice strong design. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend
Extremely easy to put together and perfect for my son’s bed. The low profile is great to keep the bed sterdy but not to high for him to get in and out of.
I don’t write reviews but after receiving this item, I had to. It was easy to put together and even easy to put the cover on afterward. The cover is so so nice and soft. The metal bar make this a very sturdy box spring! The height is perfect with the low profile 5 inches for our young daughter. We couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I could have made a better choice even if I had gone to a furniture store – so glad I didn’t have to! Thanks Amazon and Zinus. 🙂
Not hard to put together and very good quality!
The box spring metal frame is fine. Easy to put together but after all said and done should have just bought the 14 high frame and eliminated the box frame
Super easy to put together. I put it together by myself in 45 minutes with two kids running around. No problems at all, easy to read and follow instructions. All pieces included and fit together easily. Sturdy, and well worth what I paid.
Took an hour to put together by myself, very easy to follow instructions. Just the right size for my memory foam mattress
At first I was disappointed bc a couple parts were missing, but once amazon sent them all was right in the world! Perfect for my toddlers big girl bed and all her jumping! was fairly easy for me to put together too! Can’t beat that price and delivery to your door!
So easy to put together, no flaws in pieces. Exactly what I needed. Ordering a second one today for the other guest bedroom. My guest beds get a lot of use, so this was not an unimportant purcase. Thank you for clear instructions included were a few post cards for our guests to use! Just an unexpected friendly gesture from Zinus!
this is a sturdy product and easy to put together. Needed a thinner boxspring d/t antique bed and thick mattress. Worked perfectly.

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